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How it works, you are trying for beleivable landscape painting, but have some questions or think "Hmmm ... this one could use some improvement"

Submit a good quality image (jpg or TIFF) to me via email, then based on my skillset for realism I let you know what might look good as a way to enhance your work

You may submit for "pre-approval" your image, I'll say "yes I can work with this" then you pay via SQUARE BUY IT NOW button to get your critique, your images are deleted after the session.

Not sure about if your style "fits" with this critique thing? Try critique light

Example of critique light

Critique, Try me now

Background color to warm.

Midground detail bland or washed out, needs contrast or detail.

Is that stump really needed? just because it was there, does it help the composition?

Detail on the tree line is too large for the distance

Contrast in tree line is a bit too high

Otherwise looking good !

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